Non-Verbal Reasoning 3D Aid-11+ Magnetic Cube Net

by: TeacherPlanner Co Ltd

Magnetic Cube Kit

3D Cube construction questions can often prove very challenging as they require 3D spatial imagination which many find conceptually difficult. Constructing the cube allows you to appreciate how the net folds and The Magnetic Cube Net makes it easier to visualise as well as allowing you to draw any patterns which may appear in the question. So pack away those flimsy card nets, erasers and tears this practical aid is here to help!

The Magnetic Cube Kit contains 6 durable magnetic square frames which have write-on/wipe-off panels.

  • Form all the 11 different possible cube nets
  • Write on & wipe off each cube face for different questions.
  • Dry wipe marker included
  • Different colour squares for easier memorisation of opposite faces
  • Enclosed in a useful plastic storage wallet
  • Handy Helpsheet to further aid understanding
  • Helpful for 11+, UKCAT, BMAT, SATs, or any other Spatial Ability Test.

So whether you're preparing to take the 11+, UKCAT, BMAT, SATs, or any other Spatial Ability Test, the Cube Nets Kit is an invaluable learning resource, which makes the 3D spatial testing Journey far less scary!

Type: Accessories

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